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It's YOUR investment,

It's YOUR time,

It's YOUR future,

That's why YOU need to work with a professional SELLER'S AGENT to help you every step of the way!

What is a Seller's Agent?

A seller's agent (listing agent) is the person who will conduct open houses for you, find potential buyers, wallk you through all the forms you will have to complete, and most of all, get you the best price for your house!

What do YOU get?

As with any agency relationship, you will also get LOADS...


Obedience, within the law





1)There are not enough hours in the day for you to conduct all the neccesary appointments and activities that come with selling your home and raise your family and work at the same time. A Seller's Agent will help with all of the headache of scheduling showings, opening houses, etc...

2)A listing agent will provide all of your states mandatory forms that must be included in the process.

3)A seller's agent can sometimes conduct a more efficient open house by providing information brochures and letters such as the Home Owner's Association dues and rules and much more information that can help a buyer understand the property more and be more willing to buy.

4)A listing agent can tell the best price to ask for your home.

5)A seller's agent will lend their professional negotiating skills to negotiate on your behalf.

6)Statistics prove that houses sell more quickly when a seller's agent is involved.

7)Your home will be listed on the MLS system and REALTOR.com so that everyone anywhere can see your home.

8)You will have a professional sign placed on your property letting everyone know that your house is listed with a professional real estate agent.

9)You will be accompanied to closing by your agent who will adivse you and recommend vendors to you such as lawyers, contractors, and carpenters, etc...

10)And most importantly, a seller's agent cares about the cash return you will get on your home and will walk you through the confusing steps of selling your home!