James Hutson

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Buying a home is a GIGANTIC decision!

You are not just buying a home, You are buying a DREAM!

You need to work with the RIGHT PERSON to help YOU!!!

What is a Buyer Representitive?

A buyer's agent gives full attention to the buyer's needs. Reasearch by the National Association of REALTORS has shown that buyer's who chose to use a buyer's agent were shown three more homes than those who didn't and also found a home one week quicker!

What do you deserve?

As a buyer's agent the agent owes complete fidicuary responsiblities to his/her client. In other words you deserve LOADS...


Obedience within the law





1)A buyer's agent can search through national sites and services and find a home that meets your size, location, number of rooms, and your price.

2)The agent can also help you determine how much you can afford.

3)The agent can occupany you to showings and give you the details of the home you may want to purchase.

4)A buyer's agent can do research to determine if there are any defaults or problems with the property PRIOR to your commitment to the property.

5)The buyer's agent can help you decide on an approiate offer to purchase.

6)The agent present all of your offers to the seller's agent on your behalf.

7)Keep YOUR best interest in mind, the agent can negiotate terms on your behalf.

8)The buyer's agent can give you contacts and assist the buyer in getting financed.

9) The agent can give a list of recommended vendors such as lawyers, contractors, carpenters, mortgage offices, etc...

10)And most importantly, a buyer's agent cares about your investment and will stand by you every step of the way!